Addiction Medicine: Overview

Taking prescription medicine pills

People sometimes become addicted to narcotics and street drugs for reasons including a car accident or a pain syndrome.

A normal patient suffering after a severe car accident may seek pain relief from their healthcare provider for even a short period of time and sometimes even go to more than one provider to ask for pain killers and/or pain medications, resulting in them being accidentally prescribed more narcotics than what they need. By the time they take the appropriate actions for their pain, they would be already hooked on the narcotics and develop a dependency on them to control their pain. Believe it or not, they would likely not be able to shake themselves off of these medications, and driven in the wrong direction, they would end up on the streets seeking these horrible medications. Narcotics are harmful medications used in medicine, as they are often abused. Their short-term use under the appropriate conditions would be beneficial for patients, but providers should educate patients concerning what they were given as well as the side effects of all medications to prevent future complications.

Advance Preventive Medicine is a resource for consultation if, unfortunately, you are experiencing a dependency on any addictive medications and are seeking treatment. Providers here professionally help patients through withdrawal symptoms and to recover from these addictive medications.