EsoCheck is a cell collection device that is intended to sample cells of a particular section of the esophagus without the need for endoscopy.
Stomach on yellow background

Endoscopy is a procedure where a doctor inserts a tube with a camera into the body through a small incision. This allows the doctor to take pictures of the inside of the body. These images can help the doctor find tumors, polyps, and other abnormalities.

We are excited to provide you with an alternative to endoscopy thanks to EsoCheck. Let’s see how it works:

The patient swallows a
“capsule, which is attached to a thin catheter, until the capsule reaches”
the stomach
Collect+Protect TM
technology pulls the collected cells into the capsule where they are protected from dilution and contamination
during device retrieval.
The balloon is inflated to
expose the ridges and then withdrawn allowing them swab the targeted area of the esophagus, collecting cells on the balloon’s surface.
The balloon covered with
sampled cells is placed in a preservation solution for transport to a diagnostic testing facility.

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