COVID-19 Test

This is contagious disease which can cause a variety of symptoms to respiratory failure.

These symptoms would vary from headache, cough, fever, nasal congestion or shortness of breath or sometimes respiratory failure most likely in individuals with underlying condition. This pandemic is now the headline of news and media now. Approximately 80% of cases will have only a common cold symptoms and less than 14% result in severe illness and less than 6% will require hospitalization. The young adult will get COVID-19 infection as well as elderly population but due to stronger immune system they would fight it off and tend to have less side effects.

Vitamin D and Vitamin C have major role in a healthy immune system but it is less likely people suffer from vitamin C in the other hand vitamin D deficiency is very common in the whole world so screening for vitamin D deficiency is very essential and individuals with vitamin D deficiency should get treatment right away to boost their immune system as well.
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There are different scenarios possible when it comes down to exposure to COVID-19 virus

Antibody testing is based on two antibodies, IgG which shows past exposure, IgM new exposure and possibly contagious. Antibody testing is available through blood workups molecular testing is highly accurate and it is detection of RNA of virus bt sampling from mucosal layers either buccal or nasal samples. Rapid antigen testing is available and it is based on detection of virus particle in mucosal layers. Antigen rapid test result would be available in a few minutes but sometimes it has false negative results so providers need to do a confirmatory PCR test after Rapid antigen test.

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