Antioxidant & Vitamin Injections Cost

Antioxidants and vitamins are substances that fight free radicals in the body. Free radicals are molecules that cause damage to cells and tissues. The solution? Antioxidants and vitamin injections! These supplements can boost metabolism, burn fat, prevent cancer & heart disease, and fight aging. Here is the list that we offer at APMUC:

Antioxidant Injections

Carnitine – $20

It can be used in our weight management program, and it is also essential for the production of energy.

Arginine – $20

Performs several functions such as increasing muscle tone, helps in fat metabolism, Improves blood circulation, and boosts up immune system strength.

Lipoic Acid – $20

Treats neuropathy and numbness in the arms and legs, also Maintains normal blood pressure.

Glutamine – $25

Stimulates the growth of muscles.

Taurine – $20

Boosts energy while providing concentration and focus.

Glutathione – $20

Help prevent aging and boosts immune system strength and function.


Biotin – $10

Aids with nerve damage and hair loss prevention.

Vitamin B Complex – $20

Building antibodies by fighting infection.

Vitamin B12 – $10

We use it for our weight management program and to boost energy levels, and it is suitable for memory loss and concentration.

Vitamin B6 – $10

Minimizes the risk of cramping in muscles and muscle spasms.


Our IV hydration procedure is at a flat rate of $100. The Doctor would decide if any other item will be added.