Antioxidant & Vitamin Injections Cost

Carnitine – $20

It can be used in our weight management program, and it is also essential for the production of energy.

Arginine – $20

Performs several functions such as increasing muscle tone, helps in fat metabolism, Improves blood circulation, and boosts up immune system strength.

Lipoic Acid – $20

Treats neuropathy and numbness in the arms and legs, also Maintains normal blood pressure.

Glutamine – $25

Stimulates the growth of muscles.

Taurine – $20

Boosts energy while providing concentration and focus.

Glutathione – $20

Help prevent aging and boosts immune system strength and function.


Biotin – $10

Aids with nerve damage and hair loss prevention.

Vitamin B Complex – $20

Building antibodies by fighting infection.

Vitamin B12 – $10

We use it for our weight management program and boost energy levels, and it is suitable for memory loss and concentration.

Vitamin B6 – $10

Minimizes the risk of cramping in muscles and muscle spasms.


Our IV hydration procedure is at a flat rate of $100. The Doctor would decide if any other item will be added.